Attic Insulation Services

New Attic Insulation Will Help Save You Money

If you are looking for a way to better insulate your home, one option is to focus on attic insulation. Much of a home’s energy is lost through the highest point on the property, both in the winter and summer months.

In fact, after having their attics serviced by one of our contractors, our customers regularly report up to 50% savings on their utility bills. In the summer months, the air conditioner is able to work more efficiently since energy is not being lost due to poor insulation. In the winter time, less heat is needed because it is more effectively trapped inside the home.

What If I Have An Older Home?

If your home was built 30, 40 or 50+ years ago, your attic insulation is probably just as old and is inadequate for the Central Florida climate! Before the 80’s, the amount of insulation installed in a new home was not regulated. A home either had it or it didn’t! Since that is the case, updating your older home with all new insulation will be extremely beneficial and cost effective.

Our technicians will remove the old material before adding anything new. Many times, it will be water stained or moldy so there is no reason to keep it. Also, in many homes built before 1990, your insulation could contain vermiculite from a mine with asbestos deposits. This MUST be handled by professionals in order to properly remove and safely dispose of it.

What If I Have A Newer Home?

Unless you specifically built your home to be energy efficient, new ceiling insulation can significantly reduce your energy and cooling bills. This will also help to extend the life of your air conditioning unit since your home will contain the cold air much better and it will not need to run as often.

Bottom Line

Whether your home is old or new, the insulation that you currently have in your attic does not reduce your energy costs! Make your home more energy efficient, healthier and reduce your carbon footprint with our home insulation services.

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Cellulose Insulation Versus Fiberglass Insulation

Today’s insulation technology is quite different than it was years ago. Newer insulation is not made up of fiberglass. The newer methods are now made from a material called cellulose which is composed from recycled newspaper. Unlike the pink stuff, it does not irritate your skin when you touch it or your lungs when you breathe it in.

Since cellulose insulation is made up of 75-85% recycled paper fibers, it is the greenest insulation option for the environment. In fact, it has the highest recycled content of any like product that is currently available, including fiberglass, which is closer to 50%.

Cellulose attic insulation has Class 1 Fire Rating so it is designed to protect your home from fire as well as mold and insects. Studies have recently shown that it may protect a structure from fire damage better than fiberglass because cellulose is much denser and does not allow as much oxygen to fuel the burn.

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Our attic insulation contractors are ready to help you save your conditioned air from escaping along with your money! You will be amazed at how much of a difference just one layer of insulating material installed by one of our experienced team members will make. Your home will feel less drafty and you will notice an instant decrease on your utility bills.

If you are ready to make your home more cozy and energy efficient, contact us today. We will set up a time to come to your property to assess your needs and talk to you about our attic insulation services. You will be surprised at how cost effective this process can be!


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